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2010 Tax Countdown – NEW Law Regarding Cell Phone Deduction

11/28/2010 The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, passed on September 27, 2010 offers new and extended tax assistance for America’s small and self-employment businesses. I will be posting a number of blogs covering the highlights. Here is the first: The new act promises simplification of record-keeping rules for business cell phone use. YAY!… I… Continue Reading

Roth Conversion Update – Can You Convert 457 or 401k funds?

03/11/2010 We had a great question yesterday from a client who is a firefighter and has two 457 plans in place. These are plans that are similar to 401ks but are in the governmental and non profit sector. In our client’s case, one plan is with a former employer. The other plan is with his… Continue Reading

Sierra – Farewell

02/18/2010 Sierra died yesterday.  She arrived in the neighborhood eight or nine years ago – a happy stray looking for a forever home.  We made eye contact and she moved in immediately.  Over her tenure as chief dog in our household and office, she tirelessly greeted clients as old friends, showed great discretion (she loved… Continue Reading


01/28/2010 This is cool and fun and yes, a little scary. Take a look at the graphic on the web site listed above. It has 100 tiny photos on it and if you drag your cursor around, you will find thumb nail sketches of things that will impact us in the next year per… Continue Reading

Can You Deduct the Cost of Your MBA? Maybe!

01/28/2010 A very bright young man now entering an MBA program emailed us an article from the New York Times last week with the hopeful question: “Does this apply to me?” The article recounted the recent Tax Court case wherein a registered nurse, representing herself, took on the IRS and won! She was allowed to… Continue Reading


01/25/2010 As we told you last week, the House of Representatives had sent HR 4462 to the Senate for approval. HR 4462 permits us all to choose to take a deduction on our 2009 returns for contributions made for Haiti relief in 2010–thus accelerating our tax deduction by a whole year. Late last week the… Continue Reading

When the IRS DOES Call You on the Phone – Here Comes the Annual Survey

01/22/2010 Just out from the IRS: The Small Business/Self-Employed division of the IRS will conduct its annual telephone survey of taxpayers starting this week and ending mid-April 2010. The survey targets small businesses (S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, partnerships) and self-employed taxpayers (sole proprietorships, rental property owners, farmers). The point of the survey is to… Continue Reading

Economics is Not Boring!

12/31/2009 The Wall Street Journal reported today that “The Treasury sold more than $2.1 trillion in notes and bonds this year, more than in the previous two years combined, to fund a widening budget shortfall and finance programs to rescue the banking system and support the economy.” While that sounds dire, here is the kicker:… Continue Reading