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Category Archives: Dollars in Your Pocketbook

To Roll or Not to Roll — 401(k) to IRA

11/02/2011 This morning it is snowing like crazy here in Colorado, so instead of racing to work, I had a second cup of coffee and watched one of the morning news talk shows.  The money topic was IRAs and the speaker—a newly minted author/expert– advocated rolling over your 401(k) to an IRA because you would… Continue Reading

Payroll Tax “Holiday” – Social Security Only

01/10/2011 A client called today positive that she had found a glitch in QuickBooks payroll software — the Social Security deducted at the employee level did not equal the Social Security calculated for the employer.  Yep, I told her, it is right. Here is the deal.  For 2011 ONLY, Congress decided to allow wage earners… Continue Reading

Roth Conversion Update – Can You Convert 457 or 401k funds?

03/11/2010 We had a great question yesterday from a client who is a firefighter and has two 457 plans in place. These are plans that are similar to 401ks but are in the governmental and non profit sector. In our client’s case, one plan is with a former employer. The other plan is with his… Continue Reading


01/28/2010 This is cool and fun and yes, a little scary. Take a look at the graphic on the web site listed above. It has 100 tiny photos on it and if you drag your cursor around, you will find thumb nail sketches of things that will impact us in the next year per… Continue Reading

Real Estate Investing – Second Home Tax Realities (Part I)

01/24/2010 Have you caught yourself driving around neighborhoods looking for bargain real estate to start a rental property portfolio? Or perusing the listings in your favorite vacation destinations, just on the outside hope of finding a great price on a retreat or a retirement home? I have. You know that I must spend a few… Continue Reading

Gold – Buy It For Yourself

01/01/2010 Toward the end of the Reagan presidency, a commercial aired showing an art deco stylized woman standing on top of a NY skyscraper with her arms stretched to the cosmos, her long hair waving away from her beautiful and transfixed face. Gold bangles dropped from the sky onto her shapely outstretched arms. The voiceover… Continue Reading