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19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

Business Information

One of the most difficult challenges any business owner faces is trying to understand the many aspects of running a business that are not part of the core business focus. We have assembled these short reports covering a variety of subjects. If you have any questions about any of the topics, give our office a call at 303.841.4920 or e-mail us:


Cash Crunch – How to keep consistent cash flows.
Utilizing the Internet to Save Your Business Money – Pay bills and buy stamps online.
W2 Submissions – Avoid costly penalties by keeping these rules in mind.

Personal Finance

Get Your Credit Rating Online – Accessing Your Credit Reports Is Just A Click Away
Investing With Bonds – Get Informed About This Type Of Investment Vehicle.
Comparing Tax Exempt and Taxable Yields Table – Shows what you need to earn in taxable vs. non-taxable returns.
When Will You Be A Millionaire? – Start Saving Now.
When You Were Born and Your Retirement – The earlier you start saving, the earlier you can retire.


Setting Up a Business in Colorado – Ten Basic Steps to Setup a Business in Colorado
E-mail Etiquette – Keeping the Most Popular Form of Business Communication Under Control
Energy Costs – Use these tips to reduce energy expenses.
The Ergonomics Rule – Use these tips to make your office more ergonomically correct.
Compensation Packages – How to attract and retain employees with unique compensation strategies.
Insurance – A guide for choosing an agent and a policy.
Interview Questions – Make sure you are not asking the wrong questions.


Attracting New Customers – Use unique techniques when getting new customers on board.
Sponsoring an Event – Sponsor a charitable event for tax deductions.