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Individual tax returns for 2017 are due Wednesday April 17th, 2018

Calendar year corporations are due Wednesday April 17th, 2018

S-Corps, Partnerships, LLCs tax as partnerships, and fiduciary returns are due

Thursday, March 15, 2018



This year, we will begin filing extensions for entities on March 1 and for  individual returns on April 1.   Please note – while no signature is required on the actual extension (e-filed) – we do need your written permission to extend.  Please sign and return the permission slip in your tax package.


Remember that an extension of time to file a federal or state return is NOT an extension of time to pay taxTaxes are due with the original due date and you may be penalized and/or charged interest if you do not pay taxes by the first due date.


If you owe money OR THINK YOU WILL OWE MONEY ON YOUR RETURN,  you should pay the outstanding tax with your extension by April 17th 2018 for both federal and state.  You can still file the extensions electronically, but you must make your payment – either by check or by electronic funds transfer.  See the IRS web site or talk with us if you want to try electronic funds transfer this year.


If you are an ongoing client in our practice, we will electronically file extensions on your behalf automatically if needed BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE SIGNED THE PERMISSION FORM.    If you are NOT a client in our practice, you may either ask us to help you with your extensions or you may go to the Internal Revenue Service web site at and follow the prompts to file Form 4868 for individuals or Form 7004 for corporations and partnerships.



Due Dates Under Extension:

Personal returns (Form 1040) — due Monday, October 15, 2018

Corporations (S and C) – due Monday, September 17, 2018

Partnerships, LLCs, Fiduciary – due Monday, September 17, 2018



We need your personal information in the office no later than August 1 to guarantee that your returns will be finished by the extension due date deadline.  For entity returns (corps, LLCs, etc) information should be in no later than July 1.  PLEASE get information in as early as possible.  Thank you!