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19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

Team Gossip


Kathy Zaffore, CPA, principal, had a rambunctious year that included launching a web site (still in its infancy) called for and by Millenials to achieve financial happiness. The launch included a trip to Anaheim Convention Center to have my world rocked by the big YouTube conference called VidCon.  All I can say is WOW.  Our world is changing big time.  Of course, we all know that.  After VidCon, we spent a well-needed low key week soaking in the Pacific beach sun at Dana Point.  In October, we four-wheeled into Picket Wire Canyon in SE Colorado to walk among the dinosaur tracks on the Purgatoire River.  AND observed at close range dozens of hairy tarantulas on the move!  Other highlights: rejoicing in the marriage of our daughter Faith to her long-time best friend Bob; cheering on Grandson Ian as he works at his sport, fencing with sabers; continuing Italian lessons – I should be fluent by now, but…; spending time with friends and family and my very wonderful crew and clients.  On sad side – our older horse, Sonny, died at the ripe old age of 33.  Alex the Bay Thoroughbred is now 24.  Time flies.  No big plans to go or do anything over the top in 2015.  Except the beach – gotta go to the beach.



Kim Ruane, CPA, practice manager, spent a marvelously busy year with family and friends including several junkets to Florida, helping her parents purchase and decorate a new home—with a pool no less!  And to Chicago where she collaborated with her daughter in law to get the Thanksgiving feast on the table.  There was also a happy wedding in Pennsylvania (niece) and a reunion of college friends in Santa Fe.  All good fun.   On the homefront, Kim and her husband bicycle up and down the Cherry Creek Trail.    Besides keeping our practice moving forward, Kim volunteers at her church, is active in her Bible Study group, and keeps tabs on her whole busy family, including three grown kids.  Professionally, Kim continues to develop specialized skill working with the Internal Revenue Service on challenging resolutions to taxpayer’s problems.



Kathleen Bell, CPA, accountant extraordinaire, flitted off to Ouray to enjoy soaking in the hot springs and hiking the spectacular mountains in that neck of the Colorado woods.  She also enjoyed spending R&R time at Christmas with her son who had returned from tour of duty with US Army in Afghanistan. Her daughter continues at University of Colorado, pursuing a career in health sciences.  Kathleen continues to hone her skills as a chef in her home kitchen (most happily with her daughter), regales us with tales of mouth watering feasts and shares her recipes with us.   She also continues to develop her skills in Oil and Gas accounting and tax, and is becoming an expert in Sherware Software.



Vicki Hager, Tax Tech, Bookkeeper, IT Specialist and Overall Computer Wizard, We remain convinced that Vicki can do anything.  She is the proud “mom” to pink naked soft and cuddly kitties called Sphynx Cats.  That was the solution to a cat lover’s problem allergies.  And that is Vicki – Can Do.  She reigns over a household of middle/high schoolers and young adults and still managed to find time for mountain escapes, and lots of big family activities.  Here at the office, she helps our clients set up their QuickBooks and learn how to use the program –with big smile and happy laughter—making QuickBooks fun!  Really.



Michelle Cox, Bookkeeper and Admin, started with us in May also.  Michelle took the responsibility of back office admin and bookkeeping for many of our clients.  She and family had fun during the year hiking and camping in the mountains with a fun weekend skiing in Keystone.