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19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

19755 East Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138

A Tad More for the 2020 Season - a/k/a 2019 Tax Filing Year


Zaffore Ruane CPAs PC

  • Facebook Fan Page:  We continue to try to figure out how best to use this tool, so bear with us.  Our goal is to not drive you crazy but to help keep you informed.  You can find it on then search for Zaffore Ruane CPAs PC.  Voila!  And LIKE us – if you want updates via Facebook.
  • Clien Login-Secure Portal:  On our website you will find Client Login.  This is your secure portal folder to upload information to us and receive information from us, including pdf copies of your tax returns and your tax supporting documents.  If you already have a portal folder (and you do if you have been with us in prior years AND have told us you use the Internet), simply click here Secure Client Login, use your email address and password and you are in.

Trouble Shooting the Portal:

      • If you have forgotten your password – it is easy to reset.  Simply click on reset and a new password will be emailed to you.  CHANGE IT immediately and use many numbers, letters, caps, symbols.  Security!
      • If the portal tells you it does not recognize your email, try one of your other email addresses – we will use the one you give us on your annual organizer (usually).  If you still have trouble, call us to reset.
      • If you can get into your portal, but your data is not there, call us – we may have forgotten to post or to toggle you in.

You will be able to access years of tax returns and other info online whenever and wherever  you want it.  Remember that we cannot send your information to third parties anymore (ie..banks, mortgage lenders), so the portal should be helpful in finding your information quickly from wherever you are.

We will also post your invoices to the portal and you can either pay by check or directly online with a credit card.

  • Annotated Links:  Under Links on the website, you will find annotated links to a variety of sites including the IRS, Social Security Administration, the Secretary of State and a host of business and personal finance sites.  This has been incredibly popular for years – a nice index of places you’d like to get to but don’t want to be bothered searching for.  If you know of other sites that “ought to be included”, let us know.
  • Top Ten Lists:  Fun and informative lists of questions on the website you could/should be asking (and some of them have answers).  If you have ideas for this – let us know.
  • E-mail:  We check our e-mail often during tax season, so feel free to communicate with us via e-mail (sometimes easier than calling).  DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO US WITH SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS ETC VIA E-MAIL.  USE THE PORTAL INSTEAD!!

Our Staff E-mail Addresses:

Kathy Zaffore, CPA
Kim Ruane, CPA
Stacey Garrett, CPA
Kathleen Bell, CPA
Julie Bechtel CPA MT
Alicia Huang, CPA
Carey Barta, CPA Assistant
Vicki Hager, Lead Bookkeeper, Tax Tech, IT
Michelle Cox, Bookkeeper, Admin
Laurie Paganini, Accounts Receivable/Bookkeeper
Laura Brinson, Administrator

  • Directions:  We are located in downtown Parker in our very cute pink Victorian house on Pikes Peak Avenue.  Many streets in Parker are called Pikes Peak – the town founders were not very creative. So – Avenue is important.  Our building is next door to the famous Parker Med Spa and just south (across public parking lot) of the little white church – Ruth Memorial Chapel – on Mainstreet.  Our front door faces south to Pikes Peak Avenue.  We are on the main floor.  See for more directions and a photo of the building :-).


We hope everyone has a happy and fulfilling 2020!